Water Repellent Systems Protection Sleeves and Wraps from Tenneco
Established thermal and abrasion protection products also combat water ingress

SOUTHFIELD, Michigan, June 17, 2019 … Tenneco’s (NYSE:TEN) Powertrain division will be showcasing its product range of water repellent wrappable sleeves targeting the aviation market at the 2019 Paris Air Show (June 17-23). The company´s exhibit in Hall 4/booth G41 will also include other highlights from its comprehensive portfolio of systems protection products.

Water repellent materials prevent the absorption of condensation caused by repeated temperature fluctuations in flight and resist all commonly available cabin fluids, including drinks. Applicable to commercial as well as military aircraft, the plants producing these products are certified to EN9100 and AS9100 standards.

“By focusing our efforts on achieving superior water repellence, we minimize the risk of icing or water ingress degrading system performance, while maintaining our primary systems protection functions,” explained Janice Maiden, Senior Vice President, Global Systems Protection, Tenneco Powertrain division.

Tenneco’s range of systems protection products safeguard against chafing, cutting, abrasion and flames by enclosing vulnerable services in lightweight woven sleeves manufactured from a combination of fibers. Their composition and specification is tailored for specific applications and has been developed and refined over many years. The weaves are expandable, allowing the sleeves to be fitted over irregular features such as connectors, and in many cases are self-wrapping, allowing for easy removal and replacement during maintenance.

Expando HTNS-L/HO wrappable sleeving is a thin-wall braided sleeve manufactured from the meta-aramid Nomex® fibers designed for the protection of wire and cable bundles against flame, high temperatures and mechanical abrasion.

ROUNDIT® 2000 NX wrappable sleeving is a woven combination of Nomex fibers and PPS (polyphenylene sulphide) in a flat weave construction for high temperature bundling and abrasion resistance, rated to +200°C and is non-halogenated. The self-wrapping feature of ROUNDIT products permits quick and easy application and removal of the product for assembly and maintenance without disturbing connectors or fittings. ROUNDIT® 2000 NX HT is a high temperature derivative of 2000 NX, rated from -70°C to +260°C, manufactured from PEEK monofilaments and Nomex® multi-filaments.

ROUNDIT® Therm-A and ROUNDIT® Therm-B wrappable sleeves are multi-layer thick-wall products designed for fire protection and maintenance of wire and cable bundles with excellent fire protection for wire harnesses up to +1100°C for five minutes, according to ISO 2685 specification. They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of cables and wire diameters. Closure of the product is secured with a fire-resistant lacing tape NT-40 withstanding 15 min at +1100°C in compliance with ISO 2685.

All the above products have been made water repellent by an impregnation process developed in-house by Tenneco.

About the new Tenneco – the future Powertrain Technology company
Following Tenneco’s expected separation to form two new, independent companies, an Aftermarket and Ride Performance company (DRiV™) as well as a new Powertrain Technology company, the new Tenneco will be one of the world’s largest pure-play powertrain companies serving OE markets worldwide with engineered solutions addressing fuel economy, power output, and criteria pollution requirements for gasoline, diesel and electrified powertrains. The new Tenneco would have 2018 pro-forma revenues of $11.4 billion, serving light vehicle, commercial truck, off-highway and industrial markets.

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