Federal-Mogul's Advanced Gasket and Sealing Technology Supports Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers' Drive to Reduce CO2 Emissions
New materials and ALD process provide robust sealing solutions for higher cylinder pressures and hotter exhaust temperatures in today's heavy duty diesels

Southfield, Mich. August 21, 2014 -- Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation's (NASDAQ: FDML) Powertrain Division is supporting the commercial vehicle industry's drive towards greener, more efficient engines with sealing technologies that enable reliable operation at cylinder pressures up to 250 bar and exhaust temperatures up to 1000°C. The company's hybrid Steel-Elastomer head gaskets combine proven multi-layer steel (MLS) technology and elastomeric fluid sealing in a single product that provides optimum sealing of both combustion gases and engine fluids. Federal-Mogul's High Temperature Alloys (HTA) and High Temperature Coatings (HTC) seal exhaust joints reliably at temperatures beyond the capability of conventional stainless steel and graphite materials.

"Hybrid Steel-Elastomer head gasket technology builds on the success of MLS gaskets by providing optimized sealing loads around the combustion chamber," said Gian Maria Olivetti, chief technology officer, Federal-Mogul Powertrain.

"By adding elastomer sealing for the fluid passages, which require much lower loads to seal, we can concentrate the sealing forces where they are most useful. This opens up greater potential to design lighter, yet robust, engine structures and enables peak cylinder pressures up to 250 bar," explained Mike Gerulski, director, global research and development, Sealing, Federal-Mogul Powertrain.  "Federal-Mogul's extensive expertise in material science enables us to develop elastomeric materials that address fluid compatibility and temperature interactions."

Analysis-Led-Design to Optimize Sealing System Solutions

Hybrid Steel-Elastomer head gasket technology is applied using Federal-Mogul's proprietary Analysis-Led-Design (ALD) process, which takes a holistic approach to optimize the cylinder head, block and gasket structure as a system. ALD drives the selection of the appropriate sealing technology and its verification. The process has become so well-established within Federal-Mogul that the company is able to reliably predict the sealing and durability behavior of cylinder head gaskets before engine prototype hardware is readily available. "Through the use of ALD, we can help to eliminate costly engineering changes late in an engine's development program," said Gerulski.

Federal-Mogul also utilizes ALD for highly stressed gaskets in the exhaust system, where fluctuating high temperatures and system weight reduction driven by downsizing, turbocharging and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) can result in flange distortion, making conventional static gaskets ineffective.

High Temperature Gaskets and Coatings Extend Thermal Range

Federal-Mogul's HTA gasket materials address these challenges, providing reliable sealing performance at temperatures up to 1000°C, significantly higher than the current industry standard stainless steel. HTA gaskets are available with thermal performance characteristics matched to the individual requirements of a wide range of demanding applications, including turbochargers, downpipes, exhaust manifolds and EGR systems.

Equally important for reliable joint sealing was the development by Federal-Mogul of HTC coatings to ensure effective micro-sealing of the joint. An environmentally-friendly, water-based product, HTC provides a robust solution at elevated temperatures. "HTC demonstrates thermal stability to over 1000°C, while conventional coatings are reduced to ash at such temperatures," said Gerulski.

Federal-Mogul's advanced analysis techniques continue to provide greater insight into complex engineering problems and critical system interactions, according to Gerulski. "Our analytical capabilities are driving the ongoing development of key technologies that will help our commercial vehicle customers meet their increasingly challenging emissions and fuel economy goals, both now and in the future," he said.

Federal-Mogul will present its advanced gasket and sealing technology at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hannover from September 23rd to October 2nd 2014, Hall 13, stand C28.

About Federal-Mogul 

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